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Bexwell Kitchens & Bexwell Aerodrome

Bexwell Kitchens was originally started by Robert Fuller, making and fabricating kitchens in a building on the Aerodrome now used for storage.  When Bob guardhouse2012died in 1992, Dorothy Wildhack and Mark Eves took over the running of the Company. When Dorothy left for personal reasons, Mark acquired her shares.  He then gave a shareholding to his wife Lynda, and to Jane Baxter, a long-term colleague.  Jane has since ceased working for the Company, but retains her shares.
The Company is now staffed by Mark, Lynda, their son Matthew and sister-in-law Wendy.

The Guardroom & Aerodrome

635squadronBuilt in 1941/42 to accommodate the Second World War Airfield, the Guardroom was home to Squadrons flying Sterlings and Mosquitoes and from 1944/45 the famous 635 Squadron of Pathfinder Lancasters.
After the war the building was used a night-watchman’s hut until the late 1950s and became the Showroom for Bexwell Kitchens in 1963.FRONTCOVER

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